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Should AC Equipment Be Serviced Annually?

Like most HVAC professionals, we recommend that air conditioning systems be maintained once a year. An annual service appointment will ensure that an AC receives all the cleaning, lubricating, and testing required to stay in good working order. It will also allow for any minor issues to be spotted and repaired before they turn into major problems. This can save lots of money on repairs and premature replacement. Those who keep their AC well-maintained will also enjoy savings on their energy bills, as well as better indoor air quality.

Should AC Equipment Be Serviced Annually?

Regular maintenance is crucial to keeping your air conditioner running smoothly and extending its lifespan. At Barbour Heating & Air, we offer comprehensive preventive maintenance services that can help you avoid costly repairs and ensure your AC system operates efficiently throughout the year.

Our skilled technicians will perform a thorough inspection of your air conditioner, checking for any potential issues and addressing them before they become major problems. This includes cleaning and replacing filters, lubricating moving parts, checking refrigerant levels, and inspecting electrical connections.

By investing in regular maintenance, you can:

Strange Noises Coming from Your AC?

Air conditioning units are essential for maintaining a comfortable environment, particularly during hot summer months. However, it can be unsettling when unusual noises start emanating from the AC unit. These sounds can vary from minor irritations to potential indicators of underlying problems. Familiarizing yourself with the various types of air conditioner noises can help you pinpoint the issue and take appropriate action.
Here are some common types of air conditioner noises and their possible meanings:
  • Banging or Clanking: Loose or broken components, such as fan blades or motor mounts.
  • Buzzing: Electrical problems, loose parts, or a failing compressor.
  • Clicking: Faulty thermostat, control panel issues, or a defective relay.
  • Hissing: Refrigerant leaks, often accompanied by reduced cooling efficiency.
  • Rattling: Loose or worn-out parts, like screws, ductwork, or fan blades.
  • Squealing or Screeching: Worn-out or misaligned belts, bearings, or motor issues.
  • Thumping: Imbalanced fan blades, motor problems, or debris in the system.
  • Whistling: Airflow restrictions, such as a clogged filter or ductwork.
Regular maintenance, such as cleaning or replacing filters, can help prevent some of these noises. Additionally, scheduling professional tune-ups can identify and resolve potential problems before they escalate.
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Battle Creek AC Repair

Reliable Air Conditioner Maintenance Services in Calhoun County & Jackson County

At Barbour Heating & Air, our customers’ satisfaction with our job performance is important to us. We truly care about each and every client and take a personalized approach to better meet each individual’s needs. With same-day air conditioning repair and maintenance in Battle Creek, we keep you cool all summer long.

Our fully licensed and insured, EPA-certified technicians handle the repair and maintenance of all makes and models of cooling systems. We specialize in central air conditioners, heat pumps, ductless units, duct repair and upkeep, and much more. All work and parts are guaranteed. Our team remains dedicated to doing the right thing for our residential and commercial clients. We start with an honest quote to eliminate unpleasant surprises and finish with our “leave no trace” clean-up commitment.

Give us a call today at (517) 343-0066 or contact us online for expert air conditioner repair and maintenance services in the Battle Creek area.

The AC Installation Process

At Barbour Heating & Air in Battle Creek, we believe that a successful AC installation is all about attention to detail. Our experienced technicians follow a rigorous process to ensure that your new air conditioning system is designed, installed, and tested to meet your exact needs and specifications. Our installation process typically includes the following steps:
Once your new cooling unit is installed, our team is also available to provide ongoing air conditioning maintenance services to keep it running smoothly and prolong the lifespan of your new AC system.

Ready to Beat the Summer Heat?

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The Benefits of Central AC for Your Michigan Home

There are several options available for homeowners to try to keep their homes cool and comfortable throughout the summer. For years, central air conditioning systems have continued to be one of the best ways to combat the hot and humid summers here in Michigan.

Upgrading to a central AC system can provide several benefits, including:

For those who are ready to enjoy the advantages of a modern, energy-efficient central AC, the process is made simple by contacting Barbour Heating & Air. Our professionals ensure units are installed correctly, providing years of optimal performance.

Ready to Beat the Summer Heat?

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We Service All Brands & Offer Financing!

At Barbour Heating & Air, we are proud to service all brands of HVAC products and serve as a licensed Bryant dealer. Check our our maintenance plans and financing options below!

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Why Is My AC Freezing Up?

The most common cause of a frozen air conditioner is a dirty air filter. The air filter is responsible for removing particulates from the air being circulated in a home. As the AC system runs, the filter will catch dirt, dust, dander, pollen, and other contaminants. When the filter becomes too full, it can restrict airflow and cause the AC coils to freeze. To prevent this issue from occurring, it’s best to check the filter once a month and change it as needed.

Clogged AC filters can also cause a range of other problems, including:

Our expert technicians can help homeowners locate their air filter and change it out whenever required. We’re also happy to perform other preventative maintenance tasks and repairs that will keep an AC working strongly and efficiently for longer. 

24/7 Emergency AC Repair Services

At Barbour Heating & Air, we understand that air conditioner breakdowns can happen at any time, leaving you and your family uncomfortable in the sweltering heat. That’s why we offer 24/7 emergency AC repair services in Battle Creek and the surrounding areas.
Our team of highly trained technicians is available around the clock to quickly diagnose and repair any AC issues you may be experiencing. Whether it’s a refrigerant leak, compressor failure, or electrical problem, we have the expertise and tools to get your AC up and running again in no time.
Clogged AC filters can also cause a range of other problems, including:
As a small, veteran-owned HVAC business, Barbour Heating & Air is your go-to source for AC repair and maintenance whenever you need us. From resolving issues to taking proactive measures to prevent problems, we optimize the performance of your cooling system, achieving peak efficiency, capacity, air quality, reliability, and longevity.
We’re on call 24/7 with no overtime fees ever. Call (517) 343-0066 or send us a message online to schedule Battle Creek AC repair and maintenance today!
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